The Apple Orange Pair concert experience

Gesualdo dresses

Performing our Gesualdo transcriptions at an Infamous Composers concert in 2011

We believe that creating and sharing music should be fun for performers and audiences alike. Toward this end, we take great care and pleasure to craft memorable concert experiences for diverse audiences.

Performing our “Through the Year” program at Fellowship Place in New Haven, 2012.

In all our concerts, we seek to expand enjoyment of the arts and cultural history for our audiences by presenting horn and harp music in compelling programs that often mix narration, projected media, and more interactive formats than are traditionally found in most “classical” music programs. (We have even dressed up in period costume to perform our Renaissance transcriptions, and in our Sweet Treats program, we matched authentic Bavarian desserts (available for our audience to eat!) with pieces by Austrian and German composers Mozart and Johann Demar.)

We have created and presented several unique concert programs. Each concert’s music is linked to a predominant theme, and each concert also features a singular blend of original works for horn and harp, transcriptions, and pieces we have personally commissioned. In addition, we offer a full-length new music program and a more variety-packed yearly touring program that features a blend of genres, styles, our transcriptions, and new music.


If you would like to inquire about our availability for a performance, please use our website’s contact form to send us a message. We’d love to fill you in on our program offerings and/or customize a concert program tailored to your audience’s specific needs.

Sample Themed Concert Programs